Repressed anger

Anger is an energy. It is a feeling that is a part of our emotional life. Anger can become your worst enemy weakening repressed anger health and production of negativity. When anger is understood and processed can be your best ally for healing and finding personal peace .
Anger is an emotion of the most misunderstood and often repressed. When you understand the true nature of anger repressed anger, you can start taking advantage of a loss of power of his will . The will is the key to creating permanent positive changes in your life. It all depends on how you relate to your emotions. Before exploring the transformation of anger is important to clarify the “negative” emotions repressed anger, “positive” and .
Emotions are a feedback system that provides guidance in our daily lives . We report what we have to do to feel safe repressed anger and peaceful . As children, we learned to judge our emotions and put them into two categories , positive emotions (good) or negative ( bad). We tend to label limited feelings such as fear , guilt and loneliness as something negative and bad. Expansive emotions like love repressed anger, joy and happiness are considered positive (good) . The challenge to you is to redefine its relations with all its emotions and change the way you relate to them. Here's how .
You will experience a relationship with their emotions when they are allowed to redefine. Negative emotions are repressed anger an emotion ( love or fear) is ignored, denied and repressed. Despite its name, every emotion becomes negative when you refuse to feel and express them.
Over time , repressed anger all the pent-up anger explodes into emotion, that anger turned inward or outward. It is the suppression of emotion that causes destruction, not emotion itself. Similarly, the love that is removed can be as destructive as anger. Emotions are energy that must be felt and expressed repressed anger with respect.
Positive emotions are an emotion that you honor ( own ) , feel , express and release properly. When you repressed anger observe your anger as much as your love, you have matured your emotional intelligence and start taking control of your life.
We have been indoctrinated from childhood to judge anger as a bad emotion. Like all emotions , anger is to be felt  repressed anger, expressed and released … appropriately. Repressed anger always has a negative impact on our lives. Addictions , anxiety , insecurity , powerlessness and increase when the pent-up anger . repressed anger Anger release of these negative experiences decrease rapidly . Also, in all the anger is not a hidden resource will. The need to end procrastination and take control of your life energy, you can find once you press and release in anger .
How to create a healthy relationship with anger.
It is important to recognize the value of both the constriction and expansion of emotions. The purpose of anger is to repressed anger provide feedback . Anger is a messenger to inform you that the change is necessary . For example, if you feel angry against someone or something in this relationship must change. Maybe you are not respected or understood. Imagine that you are not only repressed anger composed of anger negativity.
Being honest with yourself is the key to harnessing the power of their emotional nature . When you release the judgment and feel that you express your emotions honestly quickly constrict and release . Then , the energy repressed anger trapped inside can be a constructive force in your life.
Four steps to turn the will of the repressed anger :
The first step : Take responsibility for your anger (which I have ) and start feeling it. This allows you to connect and begin repressed anger to turn it into a positive experience. Aware of this simple truth can begin to raise the ire of his destructive state and repressed.
The second step : Express your anger in writing. Take some paper and write at the top of the page, ” Me and My Anger .” Write the first thing that comes to mind about anger. Write a combination of freestyle . Do not repressed anger worry about grammar , syntax or spelling. Express your anger by writing their thoughts and feelings.
For example, you can start typing . “This exercise is stupid, I do not think I'm doing Trying to write my anger is so frustrating … I feel trapped me , I 'm back in the fourth year … blah, blah , blah. “
Let the thoughts and feelings that you deploy ! No access or judge their words. It may feel awkward at first , but soon repressed anger you will begin to flow in a stream of consciousness . Before you know it, you can take the anger trapped inside and release your subconscious mind.
After 20-45 minutes binding feelings will change and raise a sense of peace within you . When this happens destroy the repressed anger paper, tear , burn or throw them in the toilet. Then take a break and go do something you enjoy. Relax in a hot bath , take a walk , enjoy your favorite movie, do something fun . This will help lift beyond these feelings in a larger space. Give yourself at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours to relax before moving on to the third stage repressed anger.
The third step: Express your anger with imagination. This is an important step to free your mind . It is using your imagination to release negativity repressed anger from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious does not know the difference between something you imagine and something actually happens .
For example: Have you ever sat in a movie theater and I saw frightening images on the screen that makes him shake the fear repressed anger and feel anxious? Logically, I knew that I was sure I 'm surrounded by hundreds of people. However, your subconscious mind does not distinguish between the images on the screen of what is actually happening. Thus the mind-body connection repressed anger. Your subconscious does not know the difference of what you imagine what is really happening to you physically . It reacts the same
Technique of guided imagery to release pent up anger .
Close your eyes and imagine the person who is angry with you before . This person may be long dead could be a boss, a parent repressed anger, a person who bothered him . Tell them in your mind how angry and upset you are. If you need to act on and act on – imagination! If you were so angry I could spit on them and kicks, then , in his imagination , spits and kicks ! Get out, now is your chance to release the stored repressed anger energy in your subconscious ! Not contained . The more alive than you imagine it with more efficient sincere feelings .
Tip: If this is hard for you to express your anger old child and let your inner child express their feelings. Let the party angry repressed anger that you, your child, a boy or girl to express the feelings that had never been published .
You may fear that if you let off steam in meditation, you are somehow sending the negative energy of the person repressed anger. Remember that your intention is where the energy flows . His intention is to transform anger into positive energy. Once your subconscious has served his anger can easily forgive and let go . Let the party acting angry feelings hold you back . Honoring the anger you and make you repressed anger free.
The fourth step repressed anger: Do you forgive someone angry. Forgive and let them go . Again, you can do it in your imagination, imagine in your mind and say , I forgive you. I'm letting go. You do not have to talk with them physically, but you can forgive effectively in his mind, where it really counts repressed anger. Forgiveness is easy once anger has disappeared from your mind.
If you are struggling to forgive, then go back and see if there is more anger than not overlooked. Once you have repressed anger forgiven yourself and (to attract this negative experience ) to decide what positive energy you want to experience more in your life. Would you like to have greater self – determination , discipline and creativity? Visualize how you want to feel and be . Imagine your repressed anger new car in traffic , with power and great sense with renewed focus , productive and creative capacity
Tip: Read my article on forgiveness
When you release the repressed anger pent-up anger automatically strengthen your inner power . Your life is full and rich with more love , happiness and peace. You will feel more in control of yourself and your life. The more anger you feel free and clear will, happy and alive. Your health can improve quickly and repressed anger you'll create an unstoppable force changes in your life that you have always wanted.

Repressed anger

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