Anger during pregnancy

As we all know , anger is not good for a health plan during pregnancy. In general , anger is an emotion quite normal and anger during pregnancy healthy function of how it is expressed. When expressed properly , anger can help solve problems. But when expressed correctly , can lead to various ailments such as headaches, asthma , hypertension, heart problems , etc. , and at the same time put pressure on relationships. For pregnant women , the constant anger can affect the fetus and cause adverse anger during pregnancy effects , such as low birth weight , premature birth or even miscarriage problems .
Why some pregnant women are angry all the time, while others rarely? Well, this is due to significant hormonal anger during pregnancy changes that pregnant women experience emotional affect their behavior. And because everyone has a unique body type , pregnancy every pregnant woman is different. Therefore, it is normal for a pregnant woman care , love and understanding of rare and anger during pregnancy suddenly have time stirring the wrath of time .
Hormonal changes are only part that makes his character. Another cause is the physical changes such anger during pregnancy as tenderness nausea, breast tenderness, swelling of the feet , fatigue, headache , insomnia , constipation and fear that something might go wrong . So this is really a surprise if you are constantly moody and irritable. But keep in mind that you need to consider and manage anger during pregnancy their anger in order to have a healthy pregnancy.
Here are some tips for you to control your anger. Try them and see what works best for you .
1 . write
Write down everything in anger during pregnancy a journal or a private blog. It is good to keep track of when and to whom / what made Weymouth angry and you felt after that, if you can identify what triggers your anger.
Two . Change your reaction
After a rough idea of what triggers your anger , you can try to find out how to handle the situation, for example anger during pregnancy if you can not change who or what makes you angry , change the way you react to the person or position .
Three . away
If you feel yourself getting angry when having a conversation with someone , do not be shy to say that the anger during pregnancy offender is not feeling well right now , and would rather not discuss the matter . You can take a break for half an hour or do you need to do to freshen up before returning to the conversation.
April. They only take what you can manage
Are you too you anger during pregnancy extend with family obligations and work, and almost no time for yourself ? Pay attention to your work activities , domestic and family responsibilities and see how “doable ” it is . Make sure that you take only what you can handle. Keep in mind that even if you think you can handle the current load, it is likely that you will not be able to keep your pregnancy anger during pregnancy progresses .
May Try to maintain a balanced lifestyle
Be prepared to anger during pregnancy cut back on what you do to allow more time for you. With the baby coming , you need more sleep , make sure you have a balanced diet and you should exercise . Exercise not only keeps you fit , it is also emotionally challenging due to the release of endorphins . Regular exercise also helps relieve common physical ailments such as back pain , Dyson, and anger during pregnancy constipation.
June Take time to relax
This means taking anger during pregnancy the specific time for rest and nothing else . Take the time to do what makes you feel good. It could be reading a book , watch a movie or go for a facial – whatever – as long as you do not feel guilty. You can even choose to just be a couch potato on the couch, or anger during pregnancy practice simple relaxation activities such as deep breathing and relaxing imagery .
July. Keep the lines of communication open
Keep the lines of communication open with your family , especially your spouse. Your spouse , relatives and anger during pregnancy friends do not know exactly what you are experiencing and can anticipate their wants or needs unless you share with them .
August Admitting that you need help
Do not be shy anger during pregnancy, afraid or ashamed to ask for help when needed . Friends and family members are always ready to help when they can. If, after best efforts, is still his anger is unmanageable , do consider getting professional help anger during pregnancy.
Dealing with anger anger during pregnancy is very important for a healthy pregnancy. If not handled properly , anger frequent seizures may exert pressure on even the best relationships destroyed . For pregnant women , the constant anger can have a detrimental effect on the baby . Therefore, it is essential to control anger during pregnancy your anger before it controls you .

Anger during pregnancy

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