Anger management self help

I’m sure everyone was anger management self help angry at least once in their lives. And the biggest problem is that you can not have control over ourselves when it happened. And the next thing that happens is logical that we regret our actions. We can then apologize to each other and this is a good thing, but if it happens all the time, I think we anger management self help should find a solution to our problems obvious anger management through self-help reading this article techniques anger.

First, try to remember anger management self help a few cases in which anger. Try to find the triggers. Ask yourself what is the cause of your anger. And put it on paper, just write. The conduct of someone or simply the presence of someone? Or maybe something went wrong? Or was it just one of “those” days do not hesitate to write notes to each of these triggers … Make a big list, do not worry about grammar or anger management self help anything like that. Make it look like brainstorming .

Once you’ve done anger management self help that – the list of triggers your anger, try to put numbers next to convey that you think is the lowest to the highest threat. Do not worry if you have problems with this. Things will be fine as long as you remember. Go to the next step when you are finished anger management self help.

Look at your list and think about every shot. Try to remember what happened and how was their reaction.

Why did  this happen? There may be several reasons for this, and some anger is justified. However, for some of them is not your anger. Try to separate these two types of reasons and find out what was wrong. Try to imagine anger management self help what your ideal reaction to some situations should be similar.

Anger management self help

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