Brain stress balls

Stress Balls to promote brain are brain stress balls one of the most popular forms of stress balls are used as promotional gifts. Printed stress relievers can be adapted to any marketing campaign. Often printed with text in the meaning of “use your head / brain – treat us as their supplier brain stress balls.

brain stress toys can be made in any size, but the average size and most popular is about 70 mm in length with a width of about 45 mm. This brain stress balls size is almost perfect for the middle of the press meet to relieve stress promotional items.

The print area is relatively large, about 40 mm wide and 25 mm high for lots of information can fit on each side of the brain and in the top brain stress balls if necessary.

Like texture toy forms of brain stress is unequal to represent a real brain, these printed stress relievers are transferred better. With this transfer printing brain stress balls method applied by hand to be on top of the textured surface and produces a very good impression.

If they were screen printed would be a risk of a good print quality is not reached buffer is used for each color printing machine. Because slots printing brain most likely to be distorted. Unfortunately, many providers stress balls still brain stress balls offer no pad.

stress toy brain have the added advantage of being able to produce any color. Although the standard white color of the human brain is mainly used to produce promotional stress balls in the shape of brain flexibility that exists for them brain stress balls to be manufactured in your corporate color.

In fact, they seem to be very effective when done in any color, so if you want your brain to relieve stress are highlighted below, it would be useful to have them believe in their own corporate color, even in vibrant brain stress balls colors to get your brand noticed.

I always recommend to order samples so that you can see first hand the quality of the stress balls that you buy. There are very good anti-stress-like brain around, but some plants are still trying to reduce costs and sell inferior products brain stress balls.

So what are you waiting for? Use your head and opt for promotional stress balls brain as your next promotional gift!

Brain stress balls

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